Benefits of Red Spinach as a natural medicine

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Red spinach 

Red Spinach Is ...?
Spinach is often found in fields and in vegetable baskets. yes .. who doesn't know red spinach, red spinach is often used to make, red spinach juice, strengthen hair roots, red spinach for 6 month old babies, and for pregnant women, and many more benefits of red spinach for our body.

This plant (spinach) comes from the tropics. Until now this plant has spread in tropical and sub-tropical regions throughout the world. In Indonesia alone Spinach can grow throughout the year and is often found at an altitude of 5 - 20,000 Meters above sea level, this body can grow in hot and cold areas, but these scales will be more fertile living in the lowlands in the open air. rather hot.

Spinach is not only green but there are many types of spinach plants, one of them is red spinach, why is it called red spinach? because the color is red so it is called red spinach, the stems and stems are red. Red spinach is often used for ornamental plants, because the shape and color are quite unique.

If you want to make a concoction using red spinach, you must read this article to the end. So that things don't happen that we don't want together when you make potions. heal cure but vice versa.

Tribe: amaranthaceae.
Regional name: Jakarta; glatic spinach, red spinach, white spinach, Javanese; Bayem abrit, weak spinach, ringgit spinach, spinach skul, bayem siti, Maluku; lufife java, tona magaahu, hohoru itoka takora, baya roriha, Loda kahori. Lombok: Beak leaves.

Foreign Name: Chinese Spinach (I)

Scientific Name: AmaranthiTricoloris Folium (Leaf Spinach), Amaranthi Tricoloris Radix (Spinach Root).
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Red Spinach Characteristics
Herbs a year, Upright or slightly inclined, about 0.4-1 meters tall, and branched. It has a weak rod shape and is watery, ovoid, limp, 5-8 cm long, blunt tip, pointed base, and green, mesrah, or whitish green.

The flowers in the tungkal are tight, the lower part is sitting under the armpit, the upper part is gathered into a bouquet of flowers at the end of the stem and the armpits are branching. Flower in the form of a grain.

Spinach which is often sold on the market and can be consumed as vegetables is known by the name of spinach spinach or spinach sekul. There are three kinds of spinach that are included in Amrunthus tricolor, namely the usual green spinach that we often find in the traveling vegetable sellers, red spinach Stems and red daunya that we often find in home gardens which are made as decorative flowers.

And white spinach whose stems and leaves are whitish green. Need to know red spinach Contains red liquid. In addition there are also other types of spinach such as spinach snapper, spiny spinach, spinach cucumber or ground spinach. However, the types of spinach that the serin is cultivated are Tricolor spinach, while other spinach often grows wild.

Spinach pannen is the longest to be carried out for 25 days. after that, the quality will decrease because the leaves become stiff. which means that spinach is able to keep its country 25 days from the time it was harvested. Spinach can be made as clear vegetable, made gado-gado, pecal, or rebuilt for lalap, Even young spinach leaves are often used for making rempeyek. Spinach plants can be multiplied by using seeds.

Properties and Benefits of Spinach
In general, this spinach plant can improve the work of the kidneys and improve digestion while the roots of red spinach are useful as a drug for dysentery. Spinach includes fibrous vegetables that can be used to facilitate bowel movements.

Sour food is recommended for consumption by patients with cancer of the large intestine, diabetes sufferers, high blood cholesterol, and weight loss.

Red Spinach Chemical Content
all plants must have a chemical element not released from plants. This one is spinach. Spinach Contains Protein, Fat, Carbihydrate, Potassium, Iron, Aminintine, Routine, and Vitamins (A, B, and C). which is certainly good for consumption.

The part used
Not all parts of spinach can be used but there are some parts that we can use especially for spinach which can be used are leaves, stems and roots.

Red Spinach Benefits:
  • Spinach leaves can be used for the treatment of several types of diseases, namely:
  • Cleansing Blood after birth
  • Strengthens hair roots
  • low blood pressure
  • lack of blood (anemia), and kidney failure
  • Venomous animal bites.

How to use
For drugs that are taken, provide 25-30 grams of fresh red spinach leaves, then boil and eat as fresh vegetables. In addition to boiled, spinach can also be just to be, for those of you who are fond or happy just by processing the spinach to just fit your slera.

For external use, grind the leaves of fresh spinach until smooth and stick to the wound due to the bite of the animal bebisa.Less blood

Examples of red spinach use from several diseases.
Improves kidney performance, cleanses blood after birth. in this case spinach can be consumed by means or clear vegetable form.
  • Kurang darah
If you experience a lack of blood, wash three handfuls of red spinach leaves, then mash until smooth. Add a tablespoon of lime juice, then strain. Next, add one tablespoon, honey and a yellow teur chicken and stir until smooth. then this herb is drunk and treatment can be done twice a week until your condition improves.
  • Dysentery
At the center, it can be said as an abdominal pain or diarrhea, if you experience dysentery, then wash 10 roots of red spinach root clean, then mash until smooth Add the fine salt at the end of a teaspoon while stirring well, then strain. For treatment drink the filter water at once.
  • Strengthens hair roots
If your hair falls out, then wash one bundle of leaves and stems of fresh spinach until clean and mash until smooth, add fine salt to the tip of a teaspoon while stirring thoroughly. Next, squeeze and strain, then drink and do this 2-3 times a week.

  • Everything must have advantages and disadvantages, there is no creature that lives the battle of bigitun plants. Of the many properties of red spinach is certainly not false, one can consume it because in the red spinach there is a content - the content of chemicals.
  • Sufferers of high blood uric acid levels and rheumatism Gout It is prohibited to consume too much spinach because this vegetable contains purine which is quite high, in the body, Purines will be metabolised into gout.
  • For treatment, red spinach is considered more efficacious than green spinach.

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