Benefits and Benefits of Plant Bandotan

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Bandotan plant

This article discusses:
  • Benefits and efficacy of the Bandotan plant
  • Bandotan Leaf
  • Bandotan content
  • Another name for Bandotan
  • Processing Method
  • Examples of Bandotan Leaf Use
Synonym A. ciliarte Lour. (Non Linn), A. cordifolium roxb.
Tribe = copositae (asteraceae).

Regional Name:
Sumatra : Bandotan, spear leaves, hariit, male spears, afternoon, grass dung,
java : babadotan, b.leutik, babandotan, b. beureum, b.hejo, jakut bau, ki bau, bandotan, berokan, wedusan, dus wedusan, tempuyak.
Sulawesi : dawet, lawet, rukut manooe, r. weru, sopi.

Foreign names: Sheng hong ji (C), bullock manok (Tag), ajganda, sahadevi (IP), billy goad weed, white weed, bastard agrimony (I), celestine, eupatoire bleue.

Simplicia name: Agirati Herba (herba bandotan), Agerati Radix (akar bandotan).Characteristic of "Bandotan"

Bandotan plants come from the region of tropical America, in Indonesia bandotan is known as wild plants and is better known as a bully (weeds) in the garden and in the fields.

This plant can also be found in the houses, roadside, embankment, river banks, and around the waterways at 1-2,100 m above sea level (asl). If the leaves wither and decay this plant will produce a bad odor.

Bandotan belongs to the plant, especially season, grows upright or the bottom is lying, the height of this plant is around 30- 90 cm and branching. Round rods with long stems, if touching the ground will emit roots. Leaves are stemmed facing each other and crossed ( compositae), strands of ovoid leaves and rounded and pointed ends, jagged edges, 1-10 cm long, 0.5-6 cm wide, both long-haired leaf surfaces with glands located on the surface under the leaves, the color is green. 

The majmuk flower gathered three or more, mali shaped which came out from the tip of the stalk, the color was white. The length of the stump is 6-8mm, with a hairy stalk. Bandotan plants can be multiplied by seeds.

Properties and Benefits of Bandotan
This herb tastes a bit bitter, spicy and neutral. Bandotan is stimulant, tonic, fever reliever (anti piretik), anti-toxic, eliminates the inflammation of the body parts that experience swelling, stops the circulation of blood (hemostatis), menstrual peluruh (emenagog), peluruh urine (deuretik), and peluruh fart (carminative) .Bandotan leaves can be used puula as a non-toxic insecticide.

Besides Ageratum Conyzoides L., there are other varieties of varieties that have the same properties, namely Ageratum haoustonianum mill. Chemical content

Bandotan plants have a lot of chemical ingredients, namely amino acids, organacids, pectic substances, essential oils of coumarin ageratochromene, fredelin, B-sitosterol, stigmaterol, tannins, sulfur, and calcium chloride. Bandotan root contains essential oils, alkoloid and coumarin. The part that is used

Not all parts of this plant can be used as medicine but there are some parts that can be used for medicine are herbs (the part above the ground) and roots. Herbs that are used are fresh or dried herbs. Benefits Indications 

This plant can cure several diseases suffered by humans, and are efficacious for treatment:
  • Fever, malaria,
  • Sore throat, pneumonia
  • Middle ear inflammation
  • bleeding, such as uterine bleeding, bleeding sores, and nosebleeds
  • diarrhea, dysentery
  • heartburn (colic), vomiting, flatulence,
  • sprains, aches,
  • Prevent pregnancy
  • body tired after working hard,
  • little urine production
  • uterine tumor and
  • hair care
  • Roots are efficacious to treat or overcome:
  • feve
How to use
For drugs that are taken, how to use it is by boiling 15-30 g of dried herbs or 30-60 fresh herbs to boiling then let stand until the water conditions of the angular nail, then squeeze the juice then drink every day regularly.

As for external usage such as swelling in the legs, the way of presentation is by mashing fresh herbs until smooth. Next, mix a little vegetable oil and stir until blended, then apply to new wounds such as boils, eczema, and other skin diseases such as leprosy / leprosy or swollen parts.

Another way is to grind dry herbs into powder, then blow into the esophagus in patients with sore throats. In addition, fresh leaves can be brewed and the steeping water can be used to rinse eyes, stomach aches, and wash wounds.

Pharmacological effects and research results
  1. Bandotan leaf extract (5% and 10%) can prolong the lust cycle and slow the growth of female mice follicles (vir-gin and non-vir-gin). But it has no effect on the uterus, vagina, and liver. After recovery, the lust cycle and follicle development return to normal. There is no difference between the effects of virgin and non virgin cuffs during treatment. (Yuni Ahda, JF FMIPA UNAND, 1993).
  2. Bandotann leaf extract in coconut oil with a 20% dose does not provide a healing effect on wound healing. But at doses of 40% and 80% can heal wounds significantly according to the increase in dosage. Even the effect of wound healing at a dose of 80% is not significantly different from 10% povidone iodine (Eliza Magdalena, JF FMIPA UI, 1993)
Example of usage
    • ·   Middle ear pain due to inflammation
    For this disease you can use bandotan leaves by washing fresh bandotan herbs to taste, then mashing until smooth. The result, squeeze and strain. Use freshly collected water for ear drops. do it four times, each time two drops.
    • Bloody Wounds, boils, eczema
    wash the fresh bandotan herbs to taste until clean, then mash until smooth. Add the mixture to the affected part of the body, then wrap it with a bandage. In a day, change the dressing 3-4 times. Do this treatment until healed.
    • Boils, ulcers

    Wash one fresh banddotan herbs until clean. Add a spoonful of stale rice and a teaspoon of salt, then grind until smooth. Then apply it to the place where it hurts, then wrap it with a bandage.
    •      Rheumatism, Bengakak because of a sprain
    Provide one handful of young leaves and stems, fresh bandotan plants, one stale head of rice and ½ teaspoon of salt. Next, wash the young leaves and stems until clean, then mash with bersamanasi and salt. After being dough like thick porridge, apply or sprinkle onto the joints the swollen one is bandaged with a bandage, leave it for 1-2 hours, then remove the bandage, do this treatment 2-3 times a day.
    • ·   Uterine bleeding, thrush, boils, swelling due to bruising
    Boil 10-15 g of bandotan herbs with two cups of water until the remaining one glass of boiled water. After cold strain and drink one glass of filtered water a day every day regularly.
    • ·   Uterine tumors
    Boil 30-60 fresh dried bandotan leaves or 15-30 dried herbs in three cups of water until the remaining 1 cup of boiled water. Besides boiling fresh herbs can be mashed. Decoction water or juice in munum one glass per day regularly.
    • ·    Sore throat
    1. Wash 30-60 g of fresh bandotan herbs until clean, then mash until smooth.Next, squeeze and strain. Add a solution of rock sugar or granulated sugar to the juice to taste and stir until smooth. Take the mixture and do 3 times a day.
    2. Wash the bandotan leaves to taste, then dry it until dry. Next, grind until it becomes powder. blow powder into the sufferer's throat.
    • ·   Malaria, infuenzaa
    rboil 15-30 g of dried bandotan herbs in two cups of water until remaining into one glass. after cold strain and drink at once, do two times a day regularly.
    • ·    Flatulence, heartburn, vomiting
    Wash one fruit bandotan size while being clean, then cut into pieces as needed.Boil in 3 cups of clean water to 3 cups of water. After cold, strain and drink at once.Do this treatment 2-3 times a day until healed.
    • ·   Hair care
    Wash, fresh leaves and stems of the bandotan until clean, then mash the smooth shampoo. Apply the results of the impact to the entire scalp and hair. Cover your head with a piece of cloth. leave for 2-3 hours. Next, rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo clean. Do this one hair treatment until every two weeks.

    Pregnant women are banned from drinking the decoction of bandotan medicinal plants because they can cause miscarriages.

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