The benefits of Biduri as a natural medicine

Manfaat  tumbuhan biduri
BIDURI (Collotropis gigantea )
"Benefits and efficacy of biduri plants" Biduri or widuri is a medicinal plant that is widely found in long dry season areas such as dry grasslands, low mountain slopes and sandy beaches. Biduri or Widuri has many benefits and benefits, namely as a natural treatment. Blinds, biduri roots, biduri leaves, biduri flowers, and biduri sap, all have medicinal benefits.
classification of biduri plants.
  • Latin name of biduri leaves
  • picture of a thistle tree
  • moon lime leaves
  • biduri
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  • bidara leaf
  • tempuyung leaves
Characteristics of Biduri Plants

Biduri are erect shrubs, with a height of 0.5-3 meters. Round, thick stems, thick thick white haired twigs. Single leaf, short stem, face to face. Helayan leaves are oval or elliptical, blunt ends, base of heart shape, flat edges, pinnate reptations 8-30 cm long, 4-15 cm wide, light green.

Putting on the helain young leaves with tight white hair (gradually disappearing). While the lower surface remains thick, white hair. Majmuk flower in the umbrella child, at the end or armpit leaves.

Dense-haired flower stalks, flower-shaped crowns of the ship, colored lilac, sometimes white. The fruit is a form of oatmeal or elliptic, the fruit base is a 9-10 cm long hook, green. The seeds are small oval, flat, brown.

If one part of the plant is hurt, it will remove the white sap, runny, bitter and dry taste, long time the sweet taste smells very pungent, and toxic, biduri bark contains fiber which can be used to make nets. Biduri daoat is multiplied by seeds.

 tumbuhan biduri dan manfaatnya

Asclepiadaceae tribe.
Synonyms: Gigantae R.Br., Asclepias Gigantae Willd.
Regional Name:

Sumatra: rubik, biduri, lembega, butter, rumbigo, Javanese: babkoan, badori, widuri, saduri, sidoguri, bidhuri, burigha. Bali: Manori, maduri. Nusa Tenggara: Muduri, Rembiga, kore, krokoh, kolunsusu, modo kapauk, modo kampauk. Sulawesi: Rambega.
Foreign names: ships, muddy plants, milk weeds.
Latin / scientific name: Colotropidis Cortex Radicis (biduri root bark)

Nature and Efficacy of Biduri

Biduri root bark is efficacious in colagoga, sweat laxative, vomiting, promotes digestive enzymes, and urinary peluruh, biduri bark has ematic efficacy, Flowers are tonic efficacious, and increase appetite.

Leaves are efficacious of rubifasien and eliminate itching. The getah is toxic and can cause vomiting. But it is efficacious as an Enumerator drug.

Chemical content

Roots contain saponins, sapogenin, kalotropin, kalotoksin, uskarin, kalaktin, gigantin, and harsa.Daun contain saponins Flavonoida, polyphenols, tannins, and calcium oxalate. Stems contain heart toxins that resemble digitalis.

In the treatment process the parts used by plants that are used are skin, roots, leaves, sap, and flowers.

Indication of Disease
Biduri root bark is used for treatment:

  • Fever
  • the stomach feels full,
  • Stiff legs and weakness,
  • poisonous snake bites,
  • chronic ulcers, and
  • other skin diseases

Biduri leaves are used for treatment:

  • Scabies, wounds, ulcers, mouth sores,
  • itching in chickenpox
  • measles,
  • cough.

Biduri flowers are used for treatment:

  • Gastric inflammation
  • cough, shortness of breath,
  • Secondary syphilis
  • gonorrhea
  • and leprosy (leprosy)

Geta Biduri is used for treatment:

  • Boils, eczema
  • enlarged lymph nodes
  • injury to syphilis
  • wound on the leg
  • toothache and
  • pulling thorns that pierce the skin.

Processing Method

cara pengobatan dengan tumbuhan biduri

For Drugs taken, that is by boiling 0.1-0.65 g of root bark, then drinking. For external use can be done with, lay enough fresh leaves and then add whiting and grind until smooth.

Then lubricate the ingredients into the body affected by scabies. For abdominal pain, then lay the leaves biduri with fire, then the oil will come out on the surface of the biduri leaf and then apply to the aching stomach by attaching the leaves to the stomach.

For ear pain, treatment is done by pounding young leaves until smooth, then squeezing. The juice is applied to the affected ear. For ulcers or ulcers, take care by grinding the dried biduri leaves until smooth and sprinkling powder on the wound or ulcer.

If you are interested in treatment using Biduri Plants, then you should read this article to the end, because everything is efficient. In order to avoid things that don't want to happen.

Examples of use for several diseases:
  • Gastritis
for this disease, processing by washing 1/3 of a handful of biduri flowers, then boiling in three cups of water until remaining about 2 2 cups. Once cool, strain and add honey to taste. Next, the mixture is ready to drink. For the treatment process, drink this herb as much as ¾ cup. three times a day until healed.
  • Leprosy
For treatment of leprosy can be done by boiling 0.1 g of dried flowers in 3 cups of water until remaining into one glass of boiled water. After a cold drink one glass of filtered water a day regularly until healed.
  • Syphilis (urinary urine)
This disease is a disease caused by the frequency of free sex snacks without safety, because of this disease can be cured by boiling 0.1 g of dried flowers in 3 cups of water until remaining into one glass of boiled water. After a cold drink one glass of filtered water a day regularly until healed.
  • In the bite of poisonous snakes
Wash the biduri root for 1 finger until it is clean, then chew and the water is swallowed, then the pulp is used to cover the snake bite scar.
  • Legs are sore and weak
If you feel your legs are sore and weak, then make a mixture of the root roots in a way, wash the biduri root sufficiently until it is clean, then crush the roots until smooth, add rice flour (as much) and mix well. Then Scrub the herb on the affected leg. do the treatment process in a few days.
  • Boils
For healing ulcer wounds can be done by using the sap of bidur plants by means of hatching the fruit on the surface, stubborn boils.
  • Syphilis and leg injuries
Wash syphilis and leg wounds, then apply the bladder sap to the wound.
  • Pierced by fine spines
drop the rabbit on the thorn. Directly, the sap will remove the thorn from the skin by itself.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
for this disease can use bladder sap by applying plant sap which is blisters to the swollen gland with biduri sap.
  • Tooth ache
Everyone must have felt toothache, somehow the pleasure felt when our teeth hurt. maybe we will choose heartache rather than toothache ,,

good for the treatment of toothache, we can do it by rubbing the sap on the affected tooth. As for the method of polishing, care must be taken not to let the sap fall into the affected tooth.
  • Cough and shortness of breath
God decreases illness and its medications, as well as cough and shortness of breath. For the treatment of cough and shortness of breath, it is very easy to simply search for dried biduri leaves, then burn and breathe in the smoke.
  • Sprue
Sprue, a small disease but the impact is quite large, why ...? because it is certain when you get ulcers that it is sure to eat bad, bad. for canker sores can be done treatment by washing biduri leaves to taste until clean, mashed until smooth, then squeezed, apply the juice to the part of the canker sores.
  • Measles
measles, not a disease that is dumped by a lover, but measles is a skin disease. For this case we can do the treatment by washing ¼ handful of biduri leaves, ¼ handful of young sour leaves, and turmeric rhizome for ½ fingers. then mash until smooth. Add 1 cup of cooking water and one tablespoon of honey, then mix well. Then the mixture is filtered and the filter water is drunk, Do this treatment twice a day until healed.
  • Earache
Wash the young leaves until clean, then mash until smooth, then squeeze and strain. Then the filter water is applied to the affected ear. Do this treatment 3-4 times a day.
  • Scabies
Wash one handful of fresh leaves until clean, then rinse thoroughly, then rinse with boiled water. Put the biduri leaves on top, then mash and add ok sndok whiting tea. The pounding is done until the mixture becomes a mixture, like black porridge. Finally, apply the mixture to the scaly hands and feet.
  • Itchy
wash the biduri leaves thoroughly, then apply coconut oil on the surface and lay it on the fire. then apply to the itchy part.

  • Toxic toxic stains. Because sap is present in all parts of the plant, excessive doses can cause signs of poisoning.
  • In India the dose used is quite large, namely, 25-3.9 grams for emetic properties, secondary syphilis, apasmodic disorders, leukoderma, leprosy, and chronic rheumatism. Roots are burned, then added oil, can be used to polish skin disorders, such as syphilis and leprosy. If the root bark is finely ground and added with rice vinegar, it will form a mixture, like thick porridge. This dough mixture can be applied to swollen feet due to elephantiasis, which is swollen in the scrotum.
  • Pregnant women are prohibited from taking this plant extract because it can cause miscarriages.
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